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Your remodel is complete. Now what? Here are the things to do right after a remodel to protect your investment and keep it looking its best. Read the full article:

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Hello, Welcome back. Now that you guys have seen the reveal I wanted to share a full home in interior haul video. Everything listed are items that are in stock if it’s not listed I couldn’t find it. SECTIONAL LIVING ROOM PAGE PILLOW ARMLESS CHAIR RUG C END TABLE THROW BANKET DOWN PILLOW FRIDGE NewAir …

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A step-by-step instruction guide of installing windows film.

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This is a complete workflow video tutorial of how to post-processing black and white architecture fine art photography. here is the outline of this video, in case you want to know what I did in this video: A. Lightroom Library module 1. Showing the photo and metadata (00:00-00:10). Develop module 2. Fix lens distortion (00:10-00:19) …

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Some quick tips on restoring the Western Heritage luster and keep your furniture for generations to come.

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Ruler Headboard With Frame This ruler headboard with outline is delightful plan for picking right room plan thoughts. A room ought to be the coziest corner of the house. Following a tumultuous day at work when you return home, the room essentially baits you with its conservative happiness. The minute you close the entryway of …

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In this second video, we talk about some concrete don’ts, give tips on demolition, and how to dispose of broken concrete. This customer came to us a year ago and hired another contractor to do a patch job on his leaking concrete pond. The contractor quarantined over 100 koi – some as large as 18″, …

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How to draw a landscape sketch. A simple method of drawing trees for landscape design and architectural design. Step by step you see the whole process of drawing from the beginning to the finale. I use simple forms, and step by step develop the shape of the tree.

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See how we made a 90’s living space feel grande, but comfortable for a young family in Calabasas. SHOP THE LOOK: MORE Studio McGee: Shop: Instagram: Snapchat: studiomcgee Blog: Website: Pinterest: Facebook: