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I was installing lights in my shop, which was to be an offline project. However, after starting the job I discovered that I needed to build a bench to raise the working surface of our newly remodeled scaffolding. Additionally, I wanted to offer a valuable mnemonic concerning the placing of electrical wiring in new outlets, …

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This video is to help people who are starting out, hence the detail that may be obvious to seasoned woodworkers. Yet, there are a few cool ideas in it that I am sure you will enjoy. It is a Step by step construction of very handy and easy to make drawers and vertical festool mft …

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Replacing A GFCI (also known as GFI) Wall Receptacle feeding multiple outlets downstream. Safety First – Only do this if you are comfortable working with electricity. Leviton 20 Amp GFCI

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Inside out Christmas ornaments present a challenge for me. They are tough to visualize due to the interaction of the inside and the outside turning. For this two stave inside out ornament, I started to plan the woodturning using Sketchup. Sketchup is a three dimensional modeling application. I use the free non pro version. While …

I found it!!! This is my entry for the Izzy Swan Furniture Design Challenge that Izzy ran last year. Somehow i forgot to post this video after the contest, but it recently resurfaced so here is a little gem from my past. ENJOY!!! Find me on Instagram and Twitter @j_harmondesign.

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