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Z2 (109 m2)
A house in the style of a manor house with the possibility of developing an attic.
Z4. In the basic version, the building is one-storey. The location of the stairs makes it possible to develop the attic by an additional 40 meters.
The interior of the living room is marked by an axis running from the entrance hall to the glass doors leading to the terrace. In the living room you can reveal the roof structure, which will enlarge the cubature and optically the interior. Kitchen combined with a dining room, has an independent exit under the arcade, where you can arrange a place for barbecue. In the case of building arcades, it is possible to enlarge the dining room or create a “winter garden”. The house is divided into two zones, one has a daily function, while in the second intimate part three rooms and a bathroom are separated.
The functional program of the house allows access to all rooms from one level. Another advantage is the ability to stage the construction and development of the attic as the needs grow. Depending on the variant of the façade finish, the Z2 design may represent the style of a classicist manor house or Old Polish manor house. The house stands out in the area as an expression of attachment to our tradition and culture.

This project is also on the market under the name:
– WAE1001
– TJL-516
– SZ5 Z2 CE (DOM OZ1-97)


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