The Modern Dogtrot – Part 1

In this video I discuss the origins of the dogtrot as a plan archetype, its history and how it came to be. Although commonly thought of as a Southern building type early settlers of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Swedes and Finns brought with them the “pair cottage” from Northern Europe. This shaped the early dogtrots in the United States.

It was widely adopted in the South because is offered an ingenious method of passively cooling the home. The second part of the video discusses the modern dogtrot floor plans I’ve developed which were inspired by these early prototypes.

Find more and download plans at:

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  1. Eric Jurgensen
    June 10, 2015

    Hi, i found your you tube video on the Dogtrot House to be facsinating. I luckily tripped on it in search of summer ventilation questions i had about my own (stone 1807 with circa 1840's clapboard add on) house, with all of its quirkiness. Which I would love your opinion on on, as I only can slowly afford to restore it to its originality. I did wonder though in looking at some of the other basic Dogtrot historical videos if there is any missing advantage in leaving out (in your plan) the one or two foot raising of the complete structure from the ground? Like the southern versions. Does that help cool the house in the summer or make it  too cold in the winter if your building up here in the north? Thanks, Eric J. from New Jersey

  2. Derrick Owens
    June 18, 2015

    Eric, What would be the pros/cons to using two breezeways in a similar size floor plan with a second level above? For example, separating a garage on one end, an in-law suite on the other, and access to living quarters in the center. I've been playing with your 20'X80' width and length in a 2 story design; using the central living quarters as a meeting place for guests in the bottom floor; then using a similar floor plan to the one you posted on Houzz for the second floor.

  3. Myk Murashko
    July 25, 2015

    what pen do you use?

  4. mikeisamovie
    April 5, 2017

    moondog brought me here. it's true…

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