THOMAS SCHALLER Watercolor Painting Review | Painting Masters 5

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Hi there! In today’s episode of Painting Masters we will examine some of Thomas Schaller’s works.

I was actually recommended to check his stuff by you, in the comments section (:


Thomas is an award winning painter that specialises at architecture.
If I’m not mistaken, he’s been an architectural illustrator prior to going full time as a watercolor painter.

At some point he discovered his passion for the medium and made the transition.

Aside from beautiful portrayal of architectural subjects, I also notice he plays a lot with warms and cools, with beautiful results.


00:15 – Introduction
01:05 – Thomas’s paintings
03:57 – Painting review
13:21 – Conclusion


1. I have to start with the architecture.
It’s Beautiful, and really brings out his experience as an architecture illustrator.

2. Color harmony.
I know color is secondary, but I love the green, blue and orange-red.

3. Interesting value dispersion.
Lot’s of light and dark, with little in the middle.
This creates dramatic shadows and strong contrasts (which are then pushed more in some areas of interest).

4. Everything is connected.
The washes are flowing beautifully and evenly. Switching to black and white can helps us better see this.

5. Good sense of depth and scale.
He created a beautiful feeling of depth and scale, using three main components:
Color (muted at the distance, vibrant in the foreground and middle ground)
Value (Paler and weaker in the background)
The drawing itself (fewer details in the background).

Also notice how the bottom section “spills” down and doesn’t steal the focus.

6. There are several areas of strong contrast that create interest.
This includes the people in the foreground.

7. Which brings me to the next point – the people!
They really add life to the scene and make it more dynamic.

8. The technique for painting this kind of a painting fascinates me.
There are very few “resting areas”. All seems to be done wet in wet, and merged together.
Probably took great care to extend drying time.


I hope you enjoyed this one.
Let me know what you think of me showing several works by the same artist.

I think this has the benefit of allowing us to see the quirks of an artist, and perhaps some patterns in their results / work process.

And this is it for this episode.
Thank you for watching, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Note – I enlarged the cursor size on my Mac, but as it turns out, in screen capture the default size of cursor is presented.
I’ll have to find a better solution for screen capture, or to start using a special software for that.


Clear Sky by jimmysquare
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Music provided by Audio Library

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  1. Adil Draws
    April 26, 2018

    I enjoyed the another video.

  2. Adil Draws
    April 26, 2018

    They are wonderful. Lightest light to darkest dark. Amazing balance.

  3. Ian Jackson
    April 26, 2018

    what a masterful painting and not event a one off painting as all of the art I see of is is of the best standard. TFS

  4. Barbrajoan Joan
    April 26, 2018

    Liron, thanks for this. He is an amazing artist. I also follow him. I just love his lights, beautiful, and his compositions, yes color too. Don't I wish!!!

  5. Ludwin V Art
    April 26, 2018

    nice video Liron

  6. Margaret Martin
    April 26, 2018

    Beautiful stuff.  I love all of the works of his that you showed us.  I also enjoy the format whereby you show several works by the same artist before going into the analysis of one painting in particular. (Whew, that was a long winded sentence :)) Another great video and review.  He is an amazing artist.  I am very impressed with his mastery of colour, his control of the "wetness", perspective and architecture.  I really enjoyed this one.  Thanks!

  7. Stephen Turner
    April 26, 2018

    Thanks. Wow. I was only slightly familiar with him (a big picture of a viaduct or something – lol).

  8. Ana Markozashvili
    April 26, 2018

    Wow I wonder what the scale of that painting is. The details on the people are unreal o.O This is my favorite series of your videos, you're doing a great job, Liron!

    I noticed you're mostly reviewing landscape art. If you ever get to portraiture there's this artist I have been following on Instagram that I love: Benjamin Bjorklund – his watercolor portraits are always left at the perfect stage – obscure and very emotional at the same time. He paints in oils as well but his watercolor study work is just amazing. May not be for this video series, but you might like him. He uses greens a lot and his brushwork is flawless.

  9. Rushali Sharma
    April 26, 2018

    great review!! really like how you gave a little overview of the artists' other works and then proceeded to your main piece. as always, great video. keep going!! 🙂

    PS. can you also do a review on comics or some animation? the colours and the sense of depth in most of them amaze me. would love to hear what you think.
    Cheers! 🙂

  10. Diana Trout
    April 26, 2018

    Thank you Liron! Oh! that painting! What a gem. Love those lights and darks, warms/cools. Thanks for pointing out.

  11. Swordofdamocles602
    April 27, 2018

    Not a fan. Tom is hot and cold. I like his little pooch he brings to all his workshops. Oh well.

  12. Adji Pahlevi
    April 27, 2018

    Just fantastic…

  13. ابن سوريا
    April 27, 2018

    Great job, thanks for sharing this knowledge 👍🏻

  14. sagittarianlady
    April 27, 2018

    You have covered some wonderful masters of watercolour Thank you ! Have you got Roland Roycraft on your list for some time in the future.?

  15. TheSgyro
    April 27, 2018

    He has some really colorful paintings now, think he uses the primatek paints, they look very sparkly.. With use of flat brushes.. Looks great.. Check those out too

  16. Yasmine S.
    April 27, 2018

    Hi Liron ! Hope you feel fine ! This painter interest me a little bit but you commented long the painting i like the less LoL . I dont like this
    very centered line, seems to be a backbone between two parts very distincts and made the glance focusing on it. Also, even his mix of greens is subtle, i have a feeling of suffocation with the contrasts of the lightening white light and those dull greens and grey sky. This is a dizzy feeling that i don't like in paintings. In the same time i bore of this passion on landscapes, landscapes, and always landscapes very figuratives, sometime hyper realistics, in this repetition from too many painters that don't have a an ounce of imagination, even a grain of madness that could made a very attractive creativity which honor the fact to be an artist !!!

  17. 김수정
    April 27, 2018

    I love him so much too He is also an architect isn't he?His works are just gorgeous:powerful strokes no layering I admire

  18. tina sloan
    April 27, 2018

    He is amazing… thanks for talking us through it!

  19. tatitaly64
    April 27, 2018

    Merci beaucoup pour ce partage !!! J'adore ces œuvres 😍

  20. Thiago Steffen
    April 27, 2018

    Very nice work Liron, I would like to watch an analysis about David Bellamy's paintings.

  21. Sarah Conroy
    April 28, 2018

    I really like hearing about the artist,himself ( or Her) as well as the picture and technically how it was developed. Very interesting. Mary. 5448

  22. Conor Casey
    April 30, 2018

    This was a great video. I really like Thomas Schaller's work. You should also take a look at Michael Reardon, who is also from California and a qualified architect. He has a similar style but personally, I tend to favour Reardon's style. 🙂

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