Torque Wrench Calibration – What is It? Why Is It Important?

Generally, torque wrenches are used while changing the tires but it also helps if you are looking to measure the nuts’ tension. Torque wrench calibration has prime importance for garage owners. However, to evaluate the proper functioning of torque wrench calibration, you can use following two approaches.

Doing It Yourself: With the help of any DIY approach, you can perform this function by yourself but must keep in mind the risks of DIY calibration.

Take Professional Calibration Services: In my opinion, it is a better option because professionals have more knowledge about the use and functions of torque tools. Similarly, it is a time-consuming process, but the assistance of a professional will ensure not only the elimination of all kinds of errors but also the long-term optimal accuracy of your torque wrench.

Factors Influencing Torque Wrench Calibration

Anyhow, there are many external or internal factors that can influence the accuracy of torque wrench calibration that we are going to discuss below:


Over the time, the quality of torque wrench calibration could be compromised. However, you must keep all requirements of the workplace while designing a torque wrench calibration.


The accuracy of measurement of torque wrench calibration also depends on the temperature. But, if you are working in very humid, hot or cold atmosphere then accuracy ratio could be compromised. However, you always maintain the temperature of the workplace.


Minimal mistakes in torque wrench calibration process could also lead severe accuracy errors. However, you should follow all instructions of process carefully.


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