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Trumbull CT Garden Maintenance

John shows you the tasks performed in Step 2 of our Horticultural Garden Care Program. Re-defining edge of gardens, weeding gardens, cutting back perennials, pruning shrubs under 10′ tall, cleanup debris in garden.

If you live in Trumbull CT and are looking for a landscaper or landscape designer please look us up.

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  1. YoungSook Beausoleil
    February 17, 2014

    Hi John,

    I thank you so very much for taken the time to responding back to my reason question regarding Shrubs for the screening.

    i am looking for shrubs that had boarder leaves, and the area that i am looking to plan shrubs is sunny most of the day and coverage that I want is from spring to late Fall.

    I thank you so very much for your time!

    Best regards,

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