Ultimate Cookies – A New Cookie Decorating Book by Julia M. Usher!

It’s here! A new book from the award-winning author of the best-selling Cookie Swap: Creative Treats to Share Throughout the Year.

Delve into a world of cookie magic, where you can make everything from edible jewelry to cookie bacon and eggs! Organized by theme, each chapter overflows with luscious photographs and dozens of recipes and cookie crafting ideas. With carefully illustrated details, award-winning author Julia M. Usher expertly guides you in the making of perfect cookie masterpieces.

Move over, cupcake! The decorated cookie has arrived.

For more info and to purchase:
Book Photos by: Steve Adams
Author Photos by: Karen Forsythe

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  1. MadriFilmArt
    October 6, 2011

    I Can't Wait! Yum! 😀

  2. Virginia Beavo
    June 19, 2016

    julia, I'm trying to purchase your ultimate cookies book but I can't find it. please let me know how or where to get your book. I am absolutely in love with you and your wonderful gift of communication. everything that I have seen is so beautiful. thank you so much.💗

  3. Melanie Truot
    July 26, 2016

    that looks delicious.

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