Why Design is Critical in Office Design and Fitouts with Robert Bowles of CBD Projects

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Why Design is Critical in Office Design and Fitouts with Robert Bowles of CBD Projects

We are discussing office design and fitout with Robert Bowles of CBD Projects Australia.
Q. Robert when you are planning an upgrade or a makeover to your business premises, how important is design in that process?
Robert Bowles:
It’s very important it’s the most important thing. Without the design you’ve got nothing, our designers can work on what that particular company is, what their style is, you’ve got marketing, advertising, bankers, lawyers, all sorts of different people that have different styles of working environments. Some want a lot of offices, some want It all open plan, some want funky, some want a traditional style. So our designer has got to get into the heads of our clients to work out exactly what they want. There’s no point having an accountancy company that is run by 60 yr old partners who prefer a traditional style, and you give them all white open plan finish; because you are just going to get to the end of the drawings and they are going to say that’s not what we are looking for at all. So the design is critical to make sure you understand exactly what they require, not only from a layout point of view so we understand the way they move around their space, but also their style & their colours preferences. So it’s got to be the most important thing.
It’s also very interesting when you get clients that want to change their look. Their branding as well. We do re brand but they tend to have their own marketing people that do that. But we had a legal practice in the city. We went in there, it was all timber paneling, everything was timber paneling, it was a very typical legal practice. They said we don’t want this anymore, we want to be young and be very bright and move out of the square a little bit; which was wonderful. We put them into the same building but on a different floor, but we redesigned everything, we kept a little bit of the traditional idea, we had their library, although everything now is online, legal books look nice, lawyers do like to have all of those books, we took them out of every bodies offices and we put them on display in a large open plan reception area. It doubled up for seminars, so we had low level library shelving with all of these beautiful old books in, but surrounded in pure white shelving and framing that doubled up for seminars, you could put a cloth over the top of them and have drinks on them, and be able to have seminars for a hundred people. So they could discuss latest trends and things like that, so it’s very interesting to take someone from that area and put them over there.

Good commercial interior design can revolutionise a business, its culture, and the way it works.

The design studio’s we work with, not only have exceptional visionary and innovative designers but they are also commercially realistic and sensitive to your company’s individual needs.

Our interior designers can provide office design to optimise your floorspace, as well as:

Space Planning with design layout
Council Approval if required
Budget cost of Fitout
Time estimate for Design & Fitout
Create a strong Brand Image
Activity–based workplaces (ABWs)
Latest Technology for wireless accessibility etc.
Formal & Informal meeting rooms
Acoustic Privacy offices
Café & breakout areas
Furniture itineraries
Fire & safety requirements

Featured Office Design projects:

Informal & Formal meeting rooms
Informal & Formal meeting rooms

Corporate Branding with graphics
Corporate Branding with graphics

Interior Design
Interior Design
More Interior Design Projects

No concept will be developed without first considering site feasibility, available space and all potential costs.

We then act as Designer/ Project Manager for the entire project. This process is normally offered direct to a client, and allows the client to have only one party to deal with throughout the process of the contract, This process of Parallel Working can dramatically reduce the project time by up to 40% and costs by up to 15%.

Our ‘parallel working’ approach ensures your business, your staff and your customers experience no disruption.

We co-ordinate specialist consultants to ensure the individual needs of your project are met.

Call Robert (02) 9929 0677 or info@cbdprojects.com.au to discuss your project requirements

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