Work Logic HR – Modern Office Design Testimonial

“I was actually just looking for a front desk,” says WorkLogic HR’s CEO Jeffrey Thorn.

WorkLogic HR, located in Bakersfield, California, offers comprehensive human resources services for companies large and small. They’re known for their quality HR packages, including services from HR consulting and outsourcing to payroll, benefits, and worker’s comp.

As the company continues to grow, Thorn recognized the need to recruit top talent and new generations to optimize the organization’s future. In order to recruit and retain talented employees, Thorn knew the 21,000 sq ft office would need to be designed to reflect a welcoming and thriving company culture.

“[Millennials] are really about the atmosphere and the culture of what they work for,” said Thorn.

Before meeting with StrongProject, Thorn was going to go with a traditional, large competitor for his new office. However, the competitor was twice as expensive and the furniture, although high-end, wasn’t exactly a fit with Thorn’s vision. And the competitor was even charging $30,000 just for the office design. With StrongProject, “I wasn’t charged in design, which was big to me,” says Thorn. After browsing modern furniture options and using the Budget Your Office Tool on the site, Thorn knew he had encountered a company whose vision matched his. He contracted StrongProject to design and install office furniture for the entire commercial workspace.

The StrongProject team approached the half-million dollar project with the mission to prioritize ergonomics, comfort, and productivity while accommodating the need to break away from daily workstations with private spaces for concentration. Furniture design and installation included a bold green reception desk, a large center open office space with a light and fun layout consisting of cutting-edge pieces and acoustic seating, and private offices with adjustable height desks and touchdown spaces.

Instead of trying to create one or two huge conference rooms, StrongProject and WorkLogic agreed that multiple smaller collaborative spaces would be more beneficial to promote agility in thinking and steps toward progress on group projects. The SP team designed varied collaborative furniture layouts that preserved a streamlined brand. One brainstorming collaborative area was equipped with rounded green office chairs, attached mini-tables, and a portable charging tower, while another collaborative StrongProject also encouraged multiple use in open office spaces by installing long couches to allow people to break away from workstations and enjoy adjustable side tables.

Upon completion, WorkLogic HR had a new 21,000 sq ft office that would appeal to new generations of employees, increase company loyalty and rally excitement around the forward-thinking brand.

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