Worlds greenest school, Green School, Bali – Bamboo Architecture

Worlds greenest school, Green School, Bali – Bamboo Architecture

Green School, John Hardy on the impact of his famous TEDx Global talk Green School Dream

In this talk, John Hardy talks about his Green School dream in a follow up talk to his famous TEDx Global talk titled My Green School Dream.

He explains how Al Gore’s, an Inconvenient Truth, forced him to think about is legacy and the future he was leaving his children and grandchildren.

He talks us through the amazing, award winning Green School with its bamboo architecture, sustainable design, organic gardens, renewable energy, solar power, micro-hydro power generation, green design, sustainable principles, and education syllabus.

He explains how he discovered the sustainable design benefits of bamboo, its eco-friendly characteristics, and the skilled engineers, artisans, and architects that have helped create some of the worlds most technologically advanced bamboo structures.

Viewers will learn about the sustainable design process used to building these natural, unique, architecturally magnificent structures and creates a vision of a more sustainable future based on sound sustainable development principles, the future of bamboo in the green building industry, sustainable architecture, and the role of bamboo as a future sustainable building material.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Center for Green Schools awarded Green School the “2012 Greenest School on Earth“.

The campus has been created by master craftsmen, designers and builders, landscape architects and gardeners using a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional materials and methods. The result is a truly inspirational teaching and learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Bamboo as a low carbon material, green building material, and a sustainable building material.

The video then provides a more in depth review of the benefits of bamboo as a modern sustainable construction material.

Worlds greenest school, Green School, Bali

Viewers will be given an insight into the architectural design solutions employed at Green School including the renewable energy systems that power the school.

Various renewable energy systems including solar power, a micro-hydro water vortex power plant, and a bamboo sawdust burner, provide energy and hot water for the campus.


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Diagram of water vortex generator “Wasserwirbelkraftwerk” by Ukko-wc – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

Image of water vortex generator By Zotloeterer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

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